Welcome to By Way of Thanks blog

This is my new blog in order to post bits of data about my areas of interest. These bits will attempt to supplement or explain in a different way the various topics I have been researching.

I am especially interested in the detail work of sewing and I hope to be able to post line drawings to illustrate the text.

I plan to document the source material I’ve used for reference (mostly books or information I’ve gleaned from the highways and byways of the Internet, the public library system, or my own personal library).

I don’t plan to link directly to resource material from this blog. (Update: I have found it easier to link to the sources. I prefer to link to sources that are either free to view or very affordable.)

I’ve enjoyed doing research on the Internet and reading blogs for the last three years, in fact it has been an important link to the outside world for me. This blog is written by way of thanks for all I’ve learned.

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