Perching Birds and Flowering Trees


The perching birds in this embroidery transfer might be the beautiful chaffinches of Ireland. They could also be goldfinches. I think they may be finches rather than sparrows because of the shape of the bill and the shorter tail. The size of the transfer is about 11 inches wide and 8 inches in length. I found it years ago at a thrift store or yard sale and think it may be from the late teens or early 1920’s. I like the presentation of the birds: one from the side, one from the front and one from the back. The birds could be presented as a nesting pair and a juvenile to show the variation in coloring. The blossoms and leaves appear to be a type of prunus, maybe a cherry or plum. The leaf may be a maple or just a five pointed leaf that adds interest to the space. If I was planning to embroider this I would first decide what kind of bird I wished them to be and then experiment with colors. I might use a sheet of tracing paper over a copy of the transfer and add the color with colored pencils. A good place for research, for me, is, and I found a good article there about finches: has some beautiful photos of chaffinches from many different angles so you can see the variation in the tail feathers. Here are a couple of videos from so you can see the feathers up close and get a feel for the personality of the birds.

2 thoughts on “Perching Birds and Flowering Trees

    • Sent a reply this morning, must not have hit the send button. Maybe bullfinches! I have noticed little birds nibbling on the flower buds here. The plum is just starting to bloom so I will keep an eye out to see which birds like them. We have mostly sparrows.

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