1953 Left Side Snap Fastening


In this case you would use bias strips to reinforce the opening. The seam allowances are 5/8″.  But the back edge of the side opening gets basted over only 4/8″, so there is 1/8″ extra to work with. I will make a sample soon to see if the side seam would match without a lap showing.

7 thoughts on “1953 Left Side Snap Fastening

  1. I got used to making origami models so I guess it feels comfortable. I used tracing paper to copy the pattern and ruled out the lines in pencil. Folded along the lines and pinned into place. The curve in the hip at the side wasn’t so pronounced that I couldn’t make it work in paper. I learned that the seam at the closure would give the appearance of being one with the length of the left side seam. Last night I folded a seam (from the corset closure illustration) without an added seam extension. That was four thicknesses of fabric, the same amount as in the skirt’s snap closure. There may be a way to fold-in the extensions of the skirt pattern, thereby eliminating the seam. Will make up in fabric soon.


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