A lining method for a 30’s dress or skirt



I hope this may help with the 1930’s dress preparation. The pages are from Clothing Construction by Clara M. Brown, Ethel R. Gorham and Aura I. Keever. Brown and Gorham were from the Home Economics Department at the University of Minnesota. Keever was Supervisor of Home Economics Education, State of Minnesota. It was first printed in 1927. This copy is the 1934 Revised Edition. It was a text book for high-school and college classes. The 1934 edition has a chapter, about 10 pages, on draping and a section on pattern modification. There are less expensive copies available at abebooks, but as with all used books, the quality will vary.

If you have any questions about this book, I’d be happy to answer. I have to limit the time I spend on my feet right now, so I can’t spend a lot of time in front of the PC or even rearranging my sewing library. I took a long hike on a beautiful day over two weeks ago wearing new shoes that hit my ankle bones. I’m receiving medical care, but it’s slow going. Looking forward to getting outside again soon.

6 thoughts on “A lining method for a 30’s dress or skirt

  1. Carol, rest up please and get well. I’m going to review this information today while things are quiet. We can wait for questions later. I want to hear that you’re all better first. I hope you have some pleasant quiet time to take your mind off of the discomfort. When not thinking about sewing do you look at nature books? I recommend “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady.” The watercolors and entries to the diary keep the reader engaged in the changing seasons and landscaped Edith Holden wrote and painted about.


    • It’s so hard to stay off my feet and we are having beautiful weather too. The sides of the shoes were knocking up against my ankles. No blisters, just deep bruises called contusions. About the lining, I’ve seen a 1960’s summer weight designer outfit worn by Jackie Kennedy. The skirt was attached to a full length dress foundation. It had a matching over-blouse, the foundation didn’t show.

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