Lost! One Golden Hour


Today I was thinking about a quote from Katherine Mansfield’s short story, The Voyage, written in 1921. The quote was painted by and hung in a frame over the bed of the grandmother who had just taken charge of her orphaned granddaughter.  Lost! One Golden Hour Set with Sixty Diamond Minutes. No Reward Is Offered For It Is Gone For Ever!

Katherine Mansfield, was a favorite author of my mother.  The museum at her childhood home in Wellington, New Zealand, which she used as the setting for some of her stories, will have a spring fashion show, From Ruffles to Rebellion, about the styles worn by women during her lifetime (1888-1923). I also chanced upon a link to the blog of the Dreamstress, Leimomi Oakes where I found an entry about 1930’s fashions in New Zealand featuring illustrations of winter fashions from The Mirror.

The photo is circa 1921 from the Library of Congress.

You can read the full text of “The Voyage” here:





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