Seven 1930’s Seam Finishes

From Clothing Construction, 1934. Seam finishes, page 253. (1) Bound (instruction on applying bindings on page 16. To a straight edge, hold binding slightly taut. With an outward curve, ease slightly; to an inward curve, hold taut). (2) Blanket stitched. (3) Edge stitched, sometimes done before blanket stitching or overcasting applied. (4) Edge turned and stitched. (5) Overcast. (6) Picoted (page 163). (7) Pinked.

I think I like the plain edge stitched (not turned) with blanket stitching or overcasting or the blanket stitching alone. I’ve also used the buttonhole stitch as a seam edge finish. In an inconspicuous place with single thin thread it’s a good place to practice.

2 thoughts on “Seven 1930’s Seam Finishes

  1. Edge turned and stiched is my favourite. I’ve always had very good neat results with it – I think I chose it because my mother used it. After she was gone it was there on my dressses and blouses so when I started to sew I thought that’s what you did. I use it now whenever I think a machine zigzag might pull.

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