1930s Sew-along with Norma: Inspiration in Pre-Code Movies

“Go to the movies!” a great suggestion from EmilyAnn of retroglam.wordpress.com. See the fashions of the early 1930’s in motion pictures. But here, I’ll let her tell it…
Thanks for sharing a wonderful post, EmilyAnn.

Retro Glam


I’ve been in a rut the past two years.  Not a bad one but a limiting one.  Since the 1950s have many happy associations for me I am very drawn to the fashions of this era.  I’ve become familiar with the structured clothing and ways in which the sheath dresses and skirts were contoured.  I’m used to working with the support needed for blouses and necklines, along with darts and seams that emphasize a curvy figure.  Which is all great for 1950s inspiration.

What’s happening is that I see I’m still clinging to some of that as I work out my dress for the 1930s Sew-along with Norma.  It’s only by actually draping, trying out the different techniques and making the alterations that I realize the following about 1930s fashions:

  • There was much less structure and interfacings used.
  • Finishings had to be lightweight, too.
  • The entire thrust of…

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