A walk through the Rijksmuseum with a camera

Saulemiorta of ateliernostaglia.wordpress.com had the opportunity to make a walking tour of the Catwalk exhibit at a Dutch national museum, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She brought along her camera and got some very nice close up pictures so that we can see the stitching. I’ve included a link to the museum exhibit that recently closed.


I am reblogging her post of what must have been a wonderful walk through the Catwalk exhibit.

You might also enjoy saulemiorta’s latest post, “Historical Accuracy, Regency”. She  discusses  textile choices and garment construction techniques that are most likely to be in accordance with that timeline. Even though I am most likely to sew more current fashions, I am always on the look-out for interesting techniques that could be useful.



When the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam announced that they were organizing a fashion exhibition this year it immediately made me very happy and curious. I’d seen some of their pieces, and some photo’s of others, but a lot of it hadn’t been photographed or exhibited. So finally a chance to see some of their collection! The […]

via Catwalk – Fashion in the Rijksmuseum — Atelier Nostalgia

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