Bias binding around a V neckline

I’ve found these three books very helpful. The Sandra Betzina book shows how to adjust the pattern for a large or small bust. I highly recommend both of the Claire B. Shaeffer books shown below. All three books can be found used for less than $2.00 each. Couture Sewing Techniques is the only one that has a Google books preview. I’ve included the photos so you can see the editions I have.

High Fashion Sewing Secrets has “Bias Facing as a Trim”. The  single fold bias is sewn to the inside with a 1/4 inch seam and turned to the outside. It finishes at one-half inch. Basic V-Neck in the same book shows how to manipulate the pattern and make changes to the facing to make it fit the V opening better.


I have the soft cover 2001 edition. Couture Sewing Techniques was first published in hardcover in 1993.


I found Power Sewing Step-by-Step at a thrift store. Published in 2000 and 2002. Very nice photo and text presentation. The bias binding techniques are in the vest making section.


4 thoughts on “Bias binding around a V neckline

  1. Hi. My recent difficulties have showed that there are many ways to finish the V-neckline. It’s a combination of using a book as a guideline but then learning the particulars from the fabric and style of the dress.

    Sewing a bias binding to the neckline which goes in a bias direction is tricky.

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    • I wanted to write a little piece about bias bindings but after reading through these three books my head was swimming with all of the possibilities. Janet Arnold looked inside a 1931-2 silk chiffon evening dress. The deep V in the back has “1/8 inch finished width crossway chiffon binding for neckline and armhole”. The center back appears to be on lengthwise fold; the angle of the V is slightly curved and is not on the true bias. (Patterns of Fashion 2).
      Correction: “The whole dress is cut on the cross and clings closely to the figure.”

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  2. Last night I was thinking of sewing single fold binding to the right side, carrying it over to the back side for just 1/8 inch or so and then slip stitching a bias facing to that edge and anchoring the other edge to the underlining. That is pretty convoluted!


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