More planning the V neckline

The section, Deep Square Necklines, from Sew The French Way by Line Jacque, casts more light on the subject of V necklines. In this case the bands are either bias or on grain depending on the fabric type. The bands on either side of the opening are pinned in place, and the joins are sewn. The joined bands are unpinned, lifted off, the seam pressed, and the now complete band laid in place again on the garment. When the band is turned, the edge is not turned under, rather the raw edge is overcast and anchored to the garment (or underlining, I assume) with a catch stitch. This technique would eliminate some layers that might add bulk.

I am just about ready to trace the neckline and facing pieces from a 1970’s pattern onto tracing paper. I will also need to trace the back bodice neckline and the front bodice V neckline. I will trace the seam lines only so I can trace around the  pattern pieces onto the fabric and add my own seam allowances. My plan was to combine the back facing and the front V facing into one piece. First I will make a sample of the V neckline and later I will figure out how to use the front and back bodice. There are side pieces and darts at the waist of the bodice that I may want to eliminate.

While I’m constructing the sample I will be thinking about whether to press the seams together first and then press open and whether and where to understitch. We are having nice weather lately so I have a chance now to stack the firewood so it will be dry for the winter, but I will post soon.

scan0253 (2)

scan0253 (3)

2 thoughts on “More planning the V neckline

  1. Hi Carol. I’ve not started sewing my 1930s dress yet. The package with my interfacing and other supplies went missing! However, the delay is proving a good thing. Your postings are helping me prepare for the best way to finish my v-neckline. Your research is very helpful.


  2. Thank you, Em. The more I read, the more ways I find to finish a V neck. Last night’s find was that the bands can cross, one over the other, at the CF, rather than meeting in a pleat. I think that was suggested for knits. I’ve been stacking firewood and imagining I’m working out at a health spa. I drafted an unfitted bodice for the 1/2 scale mannequin, using the FFA system but did not include ease, so will be doing that again. Thanks again for your encouragement.


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