The Value of Videos

I once read a comment on a dressmaking blog from a young woman who lived in a mining camp in the middle of Australia. More than likely she had no local resources to help her learn how to be a tailor or dressmaker–no fabric stores, no sewing classes, no library–nothing but a desire to learn to be a tailor or dressmaking. For anyone living in a similarly isolated situation, videos can greatly help supplement reading material. I am a big fan of online libraries and low-cost used books. If you keep searching you will find the information you seek and then some. Be very wary about forking over the big bucks for a rare book, there is very likely little in it that could not be found in other more accessible sources. The nice thing about dressmaking and tailoring is that the basic construction techniques vary little over the years. In fact, some of the loveliest sewing surprises are found in the older books found in online libraries and book depositories.

Here are two tailoring videos I chanced upon today: How to make Handmade Button Holes and Making a collar. Both are by The Yorkshire Tailor, who began as a tailor’s apprentice on Savile Row in the early 1980’s. Although I prefer to work buttonholes in another direction, there is much to learn from here. The collar video is very interesting also. I don’t think I’ve seen this method of establishing the roll in the collar before. I’m also including the video by aluminumfish of Mr. Pasquale’s buttonholes showing the direction I prefer to work handmade buttonholes.

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