Sewing the 1930’s One Piece Dress

Hathitrust has a full copy of the 1933 edition of Practical Dress Design, A Laboratory Manual in Fitting and Free-hand Pattern Making by Mabel D. Erwin, Professor of Clothing and Textiles, Texas Technological College, Lubbock, Texas.

The author illustrates how she designs her One Piece Dress on page 176.;view=1up;seq=315

Here are three Laura Baldt patterns from the mid 1930’s for One Piece Dresses. The dresses are easy to make and use just one main piece. However the details make them unique and memorable. On the first dress, scallops accent the sleeves and call attention to the large buttons at the waist and on the pocket.

On the second dress the bow serves a few functions. It holds the cape on the shoulders and the bow provides an interesting color contrast. Its wide bands suggests a yoke at the neckline. The center front pleat and belt with contrasting buckle also add a nice touch.

I like the buttoned-back belt accent on the third dress and the pattern layout. “This slim cotton print dress is the softly tailored type favored by all smart women. It has the raglan shoulder effect so becoming to the average figure. Note the tricky flared sleeves–cool besides being new and smart. The easy-to-make one-piece dress is also fascinating in pastel linens or tub silks.”







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