Digital Access to Libraries for Educational Research


A model in an Ebony Fashion Fair show photographed by Guy Crowder. The image from  California State University, Northridge is not dated but may be from the 70’s or 80’s. I found the image by following links and searching for topics that interest me in a recently published article from the New York Public Library, “Manufacturing Impact: Why We Digitize” by Josh Hadro.

It’s very important the public have access to images and other source material from more recent decades. They are more likely to reflect the diversity of cultures in the US.

As the article suggests, an image can lead to further research. I found an audio article from NPR and a video from CBS that brought the black and white photo to life for me. It helped me remember.

The Ebony Fashion Fair: Changing History On The Catwalk

CBS video


Rights on the image:

This work is made available exclusively for educational purposes such as research or instruction. Copyrights for unpublished materials have been transferred to the California State University, Northridge. Literary rights, including copyright for published works held by the creator(s) or their heirs may apply.

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