Happy New Year 2018

Looking back one hundred years ago to January 1, 1918.


skating suit

The black disk in the model’s left hand may be a muff. Another article from Jan. 1918, “When you go skating”,  by Rita Stuyvestant, explains how to make a turban, a tam, and a muff from an old velvet skirt which would complement the skating suit.

skating suit 2

The illustration of the skating suit jacket with its long line, lowered pockets and wide belted waist, calls to mind the uniform of the US Army Red Cross nurses of the Great War. One such photo is of Clara D. Noyes, R. N. a leader of the American Red Cross. The book, Clara D. Noyes, R.N.: Life of a Global Nursing Leader, was written by her great great nephew, Roger L. Noyes and it’s evident in his writing that it was “a true labor of love”. He inherited his great great aunt’s desk and began to research her life. He did not know much about her; his first find was her one page bio at a nursing history site. I’ve found the book very helpful in understanding my own family’s history  because Miss Noyes was born in the late 1860’s about the same year as my great aunt, an accomplished dressmaker. Genealogy research is always a deeper experience than we first expect it to be. It enriches our study to learn about the events that shaped a generation–the wars; the Great Epidemic of 1918-1919; the discrimination in employment and education; that so profoundly shaped the lives of our ancestors.



January 1918. Winter Coats and Rough Weather Skirts. Muted colors of warm grey and brown, similar to the skating suit’s mustard colored homespun and with its heavy grey accents for collar, cuffs, pocket, and hat. Full length and 3/4 length coats in tweeds and muted colors of warm grey and brown, plain blue and black. Coats are belted with large collars.

coats 1918



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018

  1. Hi Cate, It looks like the bodice and the peplum are two separate pieces, the belt covering the join at the waistline. The sleeves look like they may be the kimono style popular at the time. It may be a fantasy illustration, not yet created in a working muslin, but it’s fun to think of how it could be drafted.


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